our favorites to fish. G.Loomis DSR822S IMX-Pro Not to mention the species specific Mossyback and Bronzeback (smallmouth). G Loomis Float Spinning Rod STFR1474S 12'3" Medium Heavy 2pc. Tony caught the only steelhead, but we got to try the full series of ShortSpeys (#3 through #7 … Componentry is designed to achieve maximum comfort with subtly tapered rear grips to give you that split-grip feel with full grip comfort. These rods are a noticeable step above, not only E6X, but all previous generations of IMX! As manufacturing processes and materials improve, our mantra has been and will always be to build the best rod we can possibly make, given the level of performance we want to achieve. As someone who prefers and appreciates a clean hierarchy in product lineups, I always found it confusing and a bit chaotic the way G.Loomis had grown a little sideways with their former technique specific series. ICAST is the world's largest sport fishing trade show, featuring new fishing gear rods, reels, lures, terminal tackle, apparel and accessories. One of a handful companies that Swimbaits | Lines | Somewhere around mid-2017, the company shared with us their plans to unify and simplify their mid-range product offering. Up until that time, my finesse technique of choice was a split shot rig, which for those who are uninitiated is simplified and downsized version of a Carolina rig. The result is often a setup that performs multiple functions only moderately well, as opposed to a setup that performs one particular function extraordinarily well. Enthusiast | or Best Offer. The additional length gives you incredible casting power with heavy indicator rigs, maximum line control when mending, and powerful … It's rated down to three sixteenths of an ounce (3/16oz) in lure weight and I generally stayed within this range going up to maybe a quarter ounce (1/4oz) at the highest. TackleDirect brings you the new G Loomis IMX Pro Blue Spinning & Conventional Rods at ICAST 2019, in Orlando, FL. //-->, Putting the Pro in IMX, G.Loomis's new DSR822S. Introduction: This ICAST G.Loomis is focusing on filling out their popular IMX-Pro line with some additional application specific rods targeting both ends of the power spectrum, including new swimbait, bladed jig, crank, ned, and ledge rods. Traditionally, as the blank diameter increases, so did the total amount of material used—it was the only way to ensure durability in the bottom half of the rod. Action, sensitivity, and purposeful construction are the driving forces behind the new line of G. Loomis IMX-PRO Ice rods. The G. Loomis crew did a fine job assembling my 6-weight IMX PRO. The TackleDirect Production Crew is live at ICAST from July 9 - July 12, 2019, capturing new and innovative products from over 690 fishing brands, including Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, YETI, and more. The G. Loomis IMX-PRO 696-4 is the perfect tool for those that chase truly large trout from Alaska to the Delaware, and everywhere in between. The G Loomis IMX Pro Steelhead Spinning Rods are designed for the serious steelhead angler. our favorites to fish. 4 comments / Posted on November 5, 2018 / by Louis Cahill. G. Loomis believes in making and delivering the paramount fishing rods because the right gear is the real deal-maker. For our first peek into the series, we decided to go WTF (. Built specifically for the avid ice-fishing angler, two different manufacturing methods produce the best performance, action and power for a variety of ice fishing situations. Impressions: Reels | It's easy to understand where GL3, IMX, GLX, NRX, etc., fit in terms of pecking order but just where did crankbait, spinnerbait, shakyhead, jerkbait, etc., fit into that scheme? From United States Featuring a graphite construction, the IMX-PRO ice rods are highly sensitive and responsive, increasing your hookset ratio! google_ad_type = "text_image"; Strategic scrim placement allows G. Loomis to create specific tapers tailored to specialized fishing techniques. Total Score: 8.00 - The method of retrieve can vary from using your reel, or slowly dragging your weight along the bottom with the rod tip, then pausing to take in the slackline and start again. Introduction: google_ad_width = 120; Because the IMX Pro is a mid-priced rod, top-of-the-line componentry isn’t necessarily present in the chrome stripping guide and chrome single-foot guides. As you might expect, the DSR822S IMX-Pro loads perfectly fine and makes it easy to cast (or drop) your bait where you want no matter how long or short your leader might be. IMX PRO CR. The grip assembly is a standard, full grip and made of good quality cork. By Louis Cahill. C $462.13. I paid $50.00 for the rod. Fly Rod Review: The G.Loomis IMX-PRO There are rods you grow to love and rods that immediately feel good in hand and on the water, and the G.Loomis IMX-PRO fits the latter beautifully. Guess what? We got busy and never did get a formal review of the IMX Pro Single … Our first detailed look at G.Loomis's IMX-Pro! I recently broke a tip on my GLX spinning rod and sent it back to G Loomis. Brand New. It is a very simple, and clean build. Offering increased responsiveness and sensitivity for finesse techniques, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Spinning Rod is built with an entirely new blend of high-modulus, high-performance material that helps to reduce weight without … From GLX to NRX to the recently introduced Conquest and on, these sticks are among The IMX Pro Short Spey may be the best bargain in fly-fishing. G Loomis IMX PRO Fly Rod // Review October 4, 2019 I'll mirror these sentiments in the video review, but we did a great job of getting the IMX Pro Short Spey Rods on the radar of our customers right off the bat. Brand New. As manufacturing processes and materials improve, our mantra has been and will always be to build the best rod we can possibly make, given the level of performance we want to achieve. One of a handful companies that The hook keeper is open ended and ideal for stowing drop shot weights. Why? I re-spooled the reel with 8lb Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon and rigged up for a day of finesse fishing, specifically of course, a drop shot rig with my current hook of choice, Gamakatsu's Aaron Martens TGW Drop Shot Hook (in #2). enduring manufacturers that just get it right - for the most part anyway. The new G Loomis IMX PRO - Trout Spey Rods are among the best for anglers targeting lightweight species like trout. Somewhere around mid-2017, the company shared with us their plans to unify and simplify their mid-range product offering. Think functionality and purpose, not fine art. Reviewer: Cal. The waters we were fishing did not call for anything heavier and generally, the lighter (or more importantly smaller) the weight you can fish with this technique, the better. The all stars for trout are the 3 and 4 weights. G Loomis IMX-Pro Spinning Rod 853S JWR 7'1" Medium Heavy 1pc . Our G.Loomis Rep Steve Spurgeon gave us a 696-4 (9’6” 6wt) to demo and we hit local Class A streams with 3-5” flies for pre-spawn brown trout. consistently makes fishing rods we look forward to testing is G.Loomis. While I appreciated the availability of all those different sku's, for me, After fishing the 5100-4 for a month or so, we were starting to enter streamer season. Tools | Storage | Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT. Autopsy,