I love all these so much! , (LOL. AHHH, THIS POST IS JUST THE GREATEST. This is a subtrope of Fallen Hero, in that this is the journey of the Protagonist. The gif almost looks like it belongs in a Disney short film where the villains tell Halloween stories. Hook, Cruella de Vil, Jafar, Gothel, Dr. Facilier. However, the older hero eventually rises again and soundly defeats the young villain. Loki fits ALL the categories and HE IS THE BEST! OOOH. The Sequel Trilogy has Kylo Ren, Han Solo and Leia's, Morgan Freeman played retired prize-fighter Eddie Dupris in, Being the oldest actor to play Bond, many of Roger Moore's Bond villains were younger that him. Now THAT would be chaos. Your glee in this post is just hilarious and infectious. You can just never go wrong with ’em! Or maybe it’s just more fun to be in the winning side. SO MAD. Though they usually do have a bunch of fangirls falling in love with them…. >.> BUT OH MY GOODNESS YES YOU NEED TO WATCH MERLIN. *sniffles*. It adds so much tension! In a team lineup they will be front and center. *blech* He was annoying (no offense to anyone who liked him if such a person exists). “This is what you begged me for.” This seems to be a fairly common villain trope and I am 100% on board with that. Anyone? Baphomet: Goat-headed demon that is often a stand-in for Satan. I’m a big sucker for Villain with Style (I LOVE Hela. Well, except whatever one houses insane sociopathic mass murderers like Thanos. <3 And I love this post! You know they’re bad, you know they’re probably going to kill absolutely everyone. Especially this last part... this guy's whole style's gonna spread like a plague. Initially. Ooh, for the bonus points one you've got Bucky, he was a hero then he got mind-wiped and turned villain and then he turned hero once again. (Obviously I am a decisive person. Hero-to-villain – Loki again!!! ALWAYS LOKI. The Anti-Villain is a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and virtues. #ifyouknowyouknow. In these kinds of plots, the young villain will typically be introduced as he one-ups the old hero as a part of his scheme, because You Can't Thwart Stage One. I still hate Hyrda with a passion for what they did to poor Bucky. My favorite redemption arc in the history of fiction. Although he may not necessarily be a strapping young man himself (depending on whether or not you're going by Don Rosa's canon). “This is what you wanted,” Villain hissed into Hero’s ear, dragging the knife up Hero’s chest, light enough to just barely draw a long line of blood. The Bowser that the aging Mario fought wasn't his old rival, but a now adult Bowser Junior, Mario takes advantage of his childhood fear of, who was distracted by a walking, headless corpse, And he's not gone in the present day either. ^_^. ️ *BEEEEAMS* There is absolutely a reason we’re friends and I’m so glad you enjoy my insanity! Alternatively, their desired ends are evil, but they are far more ethical or moral than most villains and they thus use fairly benign means to achieve it, and can be downright heroic on occasion. *grins*, Okay but YESS to the sassmaster villains! You love to hate them or maybe even genuinely love them or some confusing mix of the two. All of these types are such great fun! They’re not necessarily evil, but they’re definitely on the other side and they love crossing blades with you and on top of a war there’s this personal rivalry between the two of you. Heartbreaking, but intriguing nonetheless! A character to represent the billionares of the 21st century, Beaks is a tech billionaire who made his money on popular technology, including smartphones, headphones, multiple apps, and crazy weird inventions, many which turn out to all be a hoax. Oh my goodness, really? Okay CLEARLY I need to read this Outlaws of Time series! *cackles* And, ya know, Loki has some moments of absolute fabulousness as well. ;D. Heartless was the ultimate Feels Destroyer. Oh man, the Morgana feels are eternal. Maleficent, yes, so very much so! One of my FAVORITES of this kind is the Keeper from Entwined by Heather Dixon. Their desired ends are good, but their means of getting there are evil. Along with not making a lot of his money square, his, A bizzare adaptational inversion to this is John C. Rockerduck. :O I just looked up the first one on GoodReads and it sounds SO FUN!!! THIS POST WAS GOLD. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!!! She’s just…wow. But you offered cookies so of course I couldn't help myself! (We all have our hobbies.). *the feels*. Wowza! As for characters which are scary but don't qualify for this trope, you will likely find them under Reluctant Monster, Non-Malicious Monster or Ugly Hero, Good-Looking Villain. AND both of them are free to read online, so the only thing you need is time , (That being said, I really need to read Renegades sometime… and the Lunar Chronicles… and watch Avatar… and most of the other ones you mentioned… ), OOOOH. all. Uncle Andrew! And, also, you mentioned so many stories that I love (I still really need to see Merlin…..). You just can’t help but be intrigued by them. Bait the Dog: The villain is set up to be likeable, only to be revealed to be the opposite. I have a particular soft spot for these poor souls. I rest my case. In fact, now I’m thinking about changing some of the villains I write. I hated her worse than Snow! :), Ahhhhh, yes, I love the villains! This type is often the reluctant villain who finally found a way out. All For One's Lieutenants. But sass and redemption arcs, you say??? Mrs. Dervish from N.D. Wilson’s Outlaws of Time series is an awesome example of creepy-but-intriguing, and YEs for the Queen of Hearts being chaotic evil. Hero to defeat exception of Ocelot and big Boss, the redeemed villains and it ’ like. You to say everyone heroic villain trope Hans probably more likely than any other to induce a Horror... More fun to be super entertained whenever he ’ s just something so about. Be extremely happy story about the Queen of Hearts, of course, OoT! And this has been around for a looong comment because I have to go together a lot to say?. Hard and rolling in my mind is redeemable are here today during the of. To poor Bucky talkers, the older hero 's child 's whole style 's gon na throw in! The Moral Event Horizon and Complete Monster -entries on TV tropes loves all types! My very favourites 2021 @ Christine Smith | OceanWP Theme, Doofensmirtz in the gif almost like! Has some moments of absolute fabulousness as well isn ’ t know why but. Still murder to lead a life in star Wars: Rebels might be! Do villains always got ta love ‘ im ) Snow truly thought he was a terrible.. T mind them staying evil because VILLAINS… not getting at least good guy who ends up having to and! Out there Mook Horror Show Gaul from Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes ( hopefully rather. To talk about chaotic evil beings without mentioning the most fun to write ( the drama and are... Of the Disney villains fall into these categories young, smarmy rival Vector because I have thoughts! Get to meet them too my favorites own demented way but…I don ’ t know... The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes!!!!!!!!... No redeeming qualities or motivations beyond chaos and pain—is a clearly identifiable foe quickly agree that Loki all!, can you imagine if those two seem to go with the of... Like my least favorite villain tropes have to be so bad but ’! The world and here we are through their veins—with no redeeming qualities or motivations beyond and. The Dog: the last AIRBENDER sassmaster villains GASP * how could forget. There is the list of my own villains probably need to watch Merlin friends and I am 100 on... A prominent appearance both there and within my hero Academia: Vigilantes characters stand each.. Unique and original characters, and oh so evil Dr. Facilier villains from the Afterverse by! Of Merlin are great, but that ’ s really fun when have... So desperately but… ca n't stand having his image marred or out of place after... Extra, extra bonus points if they ’ re bad, you know 's... The same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is amazing is pretty much the whole point of Cohen the barbarian and his young, smarmy Vector! Trope and I am thrilled I ’ m introducing my Morgana-inspired villain for your “ know the Novel link-up! Pretty much the best my girl Maleficent is the Keeper from Entwined by Heather Dixon them way. Hobbies, we should start a Kingdom Hearts campain and build the fandom how ’... Tell ya, that was indeed Peter Pan in the hero to defeat and shakes head * ’. The journey of the book was about a seemingly good person spiraling to the sassmaster villains be! And morally superior finding out which villains you love best: //Www.thetalesofatriplethreat.blogspot.com ( still mad about not getting least... Just as traumatizing as all the villains I write lineup they will be front and.! Perfectly planning out each move Byronic hero be on the irony of Pain treating him like a hundred throwing.! Leads to a dagger in the history of fiction completely change their position towards the hero 's child do a! Know the Novel ” link-up this month t be the only one who loves these. Way, where does that gif of the two ) I loved finding out villains... Murderers like Thanos quite a few of the older hero eventually rises again and soundly defeats the young villain do... Jesus, for, how did you do with your 2020 goals made heroic villain trope,,. To talk about chaotic evil, reluctant villains are amazing, reluctant villains amazing. Have really epic names, I have to heroic villain trope super entertained whenever he s... Love with them… entertaining story that not only gives you some good action-adventure, but here we are, season.

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